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 Name VivaCut - Pro Video Editor VivaCut - Pro Video Editor is the most famous version in the VivaCut - Pro Video Editor series of publisher VivaCut professional video editor
 Publisher VivaCut professional video editor
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 Version 2.6.0
Mod Version 2.6.0
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 Update September 18, 2021 (8 hours ago)
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  • Export templates and import with the "share" button
  • Exporting a template to the Vivacut server via the "Export as template" button.
  • The center for exporting templates to the VivaCut server has been activated.

VivaCut MOD APK All Unlocked-Most people find it difficult to maintain their composure, when comes to who is the best video editors app. Videos necessitate expert tools because there is so much more to them than just blending and filtering. When the video becomes really famous on a variety of platforms, this perfectly fits the needs of users. As a result, making your own film on your phone is no longer difficult. VivaCut Mod APK All Unlocked is a must-have app for anyone who enjoys creativity and wants to save time on their phone. We recommend VivaCut Mod APK All Unlocked, which is a simple software for getting started with your clips.

VivaCut MOD APK All Unlocked’s Background

VivaCut Mod APK All Unlocked- Professional Video Editor PRO – The latest version of the extremely popular and popular Android video editing software provided by VivaCut professional video editor for all devices equipped with the Android operating system. On the Google Play Store, VivaCut has over 10 million downloads. Given that it is a premium app, that statistic demonstrates its dependability and potential. When all components are grouped together, the software also favours minimalist styles. Even if you’re a complete novice. You shouldn’t have any trouble figuring out what to do. Alternatively, there are tutorial videos available for everything you could possibly do on this site.
Android VivaCut – Professional Video Editor PRO is a professional video editor. Video Lip with multiple tools and the use of a multi-layered timeline, various filters, various stickers, add text and allows you to merge, voice, create traction and various other features. With this program you can make beautiful clips. Divide the videos into different sections. Merge clips. Change the default audio of the videos and play as you wish. Add subtitles to them. Fans of this program have also downloaded the software androvid pro video editor and cyberlink powerdirector.

VivaCut – Pro Video Editor

Use the Basic and Special Features

If this is the first time you’ve used a video editing tool, VivaCut Mod APK All Unlocked- Pro Video Editor offers some basic capabilities that you’ll become used to as time goes on. Users can upload videos one by one to create a unified video. When the video is mostly saved in smartphones, it is neither difficult nor inconvenient. As a result, you will enjoy using this application.
Adding any aspect from your phone, on the other hand, is extremely convenient when this is the device you use to preserve videos. You can instantly select videos from one source without having to switch platforms from there. You can also change the tempo of the video you’ve gathered to fit your needs. Simultaneously, cutting the app is easier than ever.
Has a number of video editing tools. Text and subtitles can be added. Ability to change the video’s brightness, colour, and clarity. Emojis can be added. Has a timeline for frame-by-frame editing. Has a professional and appealing appearance. Cutting and slicing abilities Produce videos. The ability to combine clips. Change the video’s dimensions. Sound and music should be included. The ability to create slideshows is one of the most valuable skills you may have.

Basic and Special Features

Add Various Unique Effects and Filters in Video

The programme includes all of the necessary tools for creating video backdrop content. At the same time, this is the first step in producing a fantastic video. As a result, you’ll want to add effects to make your video stand out. The things added to help enhance what happens in the video can then be considered.
Adding a filter to the video is also an option that consumers might consider. Each filter gives the movie a new colour and, in some circumstances, makes it more unique. You can select a filter based on the video’s content to give the film fresh and fascinating elements beyond the camera’s original hues. The application also includes a Hollywood-style editing tool.


Various Unique Effects and Filters

Add Multi-Layer and Professional Text in Video

Retouching layers are hidden behind the scenes of video editing. We should all confess that working on a video clip is far more difficult than working on a photograph because it involves moving and transmitting messages. Unless you have intriguing information, it’s difficult to keep visitors’ attention for more than 3 seconds. VivaCut Mod APK All Unlocked allows you to operate on several layers. As a result, layers are able to alter. You can rearrange the effects, particularly the phrases and stickers, on the video until it conveys your message. Furthermore, layered filters are necessary for creating distinctions.
The first thing to remember is to employ sound-related elements. One of the characteristics that makes the film more user-friendly is that it includes graphics and sounds that are simple to follow. As a result, you’ll be able to add impressive music to your photos and movies. Indeed, the sound element will help the offered information stand out and make it easier for viewers to notice them, as well as improve the colour it adds.
You must also provide some brief content to illustrate the content of your product in certain videos. You can use the application to add different lengths of text to your video. Simultaneously, this is an element that influences the video’s aesthetics, so you’ll want to arrange these lines of content in a way that viewers can readily perceive them. In addition, the application still contains a number of advanced features that you can try out.

Multi-Layer and Professional Text

Add Popular Chroma Key as Hollywood Style

If you’re unfamiliar with Chroma Key, this app will pique your interest. Chroma Key is a studio effect that allows users to substitute another image with the same colour spots. It’s a popular technique for making fantasy films. If you’ve heard of this feature, you’re probably aware of how unique it is. It is a professional asset to seek assistance from a skilled studio or computer programme. Aside from the resources, the application procedure itself is a challenge.
For Chroma Key, you’ll need to download a separate app. But, why would you need it when it’s already present here? In VivaCut Mod APK All Unlocked, Chroma Key comes with a trustworthy backdrop resource. Items are adaptable and customised to suit individual tastes. They’re fantastic for combining videos and creating flows.
As you may be aware, Hollywood is known for providing viewers with a plethora of outstanding products with simply stunning backgrounds. As a result, with the precise execution of prominent producers, you may make your videos more unique. You can specifically create yourself a green experience. You are free to add more items to this background, and you will try to alter them so that they match together.

Popular Chroma Key as Hollywood Style

Add Glitch Video Effects

Because of its dramatic and artistic tone, glitch has recently become one of my favourite video effects. Despite the fact that it is already available in most professional video editors, you may test its astonishing quality with VivaCut Mod APK All Unlocked. Being one of the most fashionable producers, does not neglect the emergence of glitches. You can choose from a variety of choices with just this effect. The bug has been expanded to include more colour tones in versions 2 and 3.
This tool provided users with not just a variety of well-known errors, but also a plethora of additional spectacular effects. If you’re looking for VFX, Glass, or VHS, you can find them here with a variety of alterations. In terms of trendiness and inventiveness, you’ve already won by utilising the app’s filters. There’s a lot more to make you want to download this app.

Glitch Video Effects

Add Stylish Framed for Animation Scenes

You should be able to modify scenes one by one with a careful video editor. Animated videos are more vivid than non-animated videos, no matter how long they are. It’s the same as talking about the vibe. When creating clips from non-moving photographs, the animation is a nice touch. VivaCut Mod APK All Unlocked will assist you to the best of its ability through simple manipulation. You can pinch the clip and frame the scene in 0.1s increments to ensure precision in your application. You may become a professional video editor by taking simple steps.
These animations come in a variety of styles to show a variety of effects. When applying, you must download objects or effects so that your app does not overburden your smartphone. As you can see, it’s a clever method enabling VivaCut Mod APK All Unlocked to run smoothly on a typical mobile device while providing a large variety of options.


Framed for Animation Scenes

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Whats New
  • Support ”Group Editing“(Composition)
  • Awesome New Feature:Ai Body Cutout
  • New Ai Body VFX is now updated

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